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This is my piece for the “Game of Thrones Fan Art Challenge”. It’s called “watcher on the wall”


This is my piece for the “Game of Thrones Fan Art Challenge”. It’s called “watcher on the wall”

There are incredible advancements happening now. Mechanical limbs are here. Now we just need to upgrade them. How long will it take for these new limbs to pass our biological ones in precision and strength?

Another year has flown by!· We honor the Jane Goodall Institute (http://janegoodall.org) again in 2010 for our second anniversary, as we not only contribute, but also create a design to represent their fight. The Dead Chimp Stencil T has become one of our most popular designs and was selected among several others to be part of Celebrity Couture’s launch in May. As a retail clothing store in the heart of Danbury, CT, Celebrity Couture placed our 2010 line next to brands like Marc Ecko Cut and Sew, DKNY and Affliction among many others.

In September, November and December, Project Evolution Apparel made appearances at Artists and Fleas, a weekly artist, designer and vintage market in Brooklyn, NY.
(http://www.artistsandfleas.com) Other upcoming clothing designers we met were,
Alexander Campaz (http://www.alexandercampaz.com) and Simon Hyun’s, Pigeon be Pigeon clothing (http://www.sirfacedesigns.com/).

Traveling to these events throughout the year inspired many different ideas that were portrayed in several new products we released in 2010. The introduction of our Nothing But Change shirt is meant to portray ancient philospher Heraclitus’ quote in the flesh…or should we say cloth. Everything, animate or not, is changing. Our ecosystem is no different, which is why we came out with our Addiction Kills design. This shirt introduces one of our main goals; to spread awareness not only of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, but also the broader problem of our extreme dependence on this form of energy.

The Throwdown @ the Beach was hosted by Calf Pasture Park, Thrust Music, Easter Island, Live Now Industries and Playground Kids. It was a free skateboarding competition with live performances by: Forget Paris, Planeside, Roast Beef Curtains, Jacobi Wichita, Danny Pease & The Regulators and At Long Last. There were giveaways, tarp surfing and Sumo Wrestling (in inflatable costumes). Other vendors in attendance were, Case Ultra, Heal Clothing, Agency Clothing and Slampigz.

A new opportunity opened a door for us through a friend, in the form of FreshMango Productions, a new event promotion company. Together, we co-sponsored the “Welcome Back WestConn Banger” featuring up and coming Norwalk rapper Chris Webby. On November 30th, Chris Webby ventured to The Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie, New York for a show co-sponsored by us.

Our Classic Skulldrip hoody was released in time for the brutal winter we’ve been having and along with it came our Ancient Wings T. This tee continues our goal to spread knowledge about a fossilized link between dinosaurs and birds. The Archaeopteryx fossil helps to introduce our 2011 Projects as it joins our Skulldrip design to help spread the Discoveries of Archaeology Project. Added in the fall, the Cyborg Bandana is another depiction of the possibilities of robotic technology. It joins the Vitruvian Cyborg in our Merging of Man and Machine Project.

2011 will bring more exciting adaptations to our brand. As mentioned earlier, we are launching our Projects campaign to help spread awareness about the Discoveries of Archaeology, the Merging of Man and Machine and the Conservation of Great Apes. As the year progresses we will introduce additional Projects that explain our new products. Our new T’s currently previewing on the website are the No Vacancy and Think Endless designs that will be available in the spring! Later in the year we will introduce them in hoody styles along with other new designs that are just waiting to be printed.

Thank you to all our fans who continue to make Project Evolution Apparel possible! We will keep adding quality sustainable, organic products to show our commitment to you and our environment. Visit our site often to find the latest news and product releases and if you haven’t already, join us on Facebook, Twitter and Myspace.

And we can’t forget to wish Charles Darwin a Happy Birthday!

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